About Clinic


Cosmedica Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. Costache Chertif, Plastic Surgeon Doctor of Medical Sciences. Today is No.1 private clinic in the North of Romania, specialized in aesthetic and plastic surgery.
At Cosmedica Clinic accommodation is in salons with one or two beds
We have 22 beds and 6 salons. All lounges require high comfort and are equipped with new furniture, TV, air conditioning adjustable in intensity and temperature, WI-FI internet, coolers, hair dryer, private bathroom.

VIP Reserves
COSMEDICA Clinic has two VIP Reserves, one with one bed and one with two beds, the latter being specially designed for patients who want to be accompanied by a homeowner. The two reserves are specially arranged for patients with claims. In the VIP salon setting, it was first and foremost the safety of the hospitalized patient, which is in balance with the great comfort it can benefit from. The rack system for the distribution of medical gases and the lighting systems were made by TEHNOPLUS MEDICAL range of TEHNOLUX for luxury salons.

Free and unlimited Wi-Fi
COSMEDICA patients benefit from Wi-Fi free internet and unlimited throughout hospitalization. Patients will receive the Internet access password on request.

En suite bathroom in every room
Each salon has its own bathroom equipped with shower, toilet and sink and last but not least alarm system if the patient is in trouble when in the bathroom.

For us it matters the safety of the medical act and the patient

In this way, we want patients to be well informed and satisfied with the choice they made before performing the procedure.

  • It is very important that when you read about the procedure you want to do, be convinced that you understand every complication that may occur and that you receive all the possible data about it.
  • It is very important that during your consultation be honest with all your questions (eg, if you are a smoker – how many times a day you smoke, what affections you know in the past that you have treated in the hospital with a specific treatment or through surgery).
  • These discussions are part of the anamnesis that we want to be transparent, because if there are certain states that interfere with the intervention you want, they will not be overlooked and corrected if possible before, for the safety of all.
  • It is very important to understand that there are certain concessions that we can make if we have a sincere patient demonstrating transparency. This is also a form of respect to the doctor who wants to fulfill your dream.
  • At Cosmedica you will find a team of experienced physicians with innovative ideas and solutions and a spirit of modernity that together will try to do everything you like to be happy with your choice.