Himenoplasty is the surgical procedure of reconstruction of the Hemenal Ring with decreased vaginal aphthalee, facilitating bleeding at sexual intercourse.

Himenoplasty is a procedure specifically required by premarital Muslim women in arranged marriages. The hymen is a membranous portion that partially covers the vaginal opening and which when intact is anatomically, we speak of virginity. Medical data from the literature confirm that the woman may be pregnant and have intact hymen.

The hymenoplasty is performed with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. It has an approximate duration of one hour. Positioned points fall alone and in about a month, the patient may already have sexual intercourse without any problem.

There are different techniques to the hymenoplasty. In the case of a break in the hymen in a maximum period of 15-20 days after having broken the hymen using a suture can be reconstructed.

If you have elapsed a period comes to the reconstruction of the hymen from the caruncles or membranous remnants, or if necessary, to the hymenoplasty through the creation of a new membrane using a flap of the vaginal mucosa.

  • Rates

    Procedures Rates
    Labiaplasty 2000-5000 Euro
    Vaginoplasty 3500-6500 Euro
    Labiaplasty si Vaginoplasty 6500-9000 Euro
    Himenoplasty 2000-3000 Euro
    Clitoral unhooding 1800 Euro