Labiaplasty – LP- generally involves a decrease in both the small labia (LP-m) or less frequently in the large labia (PL-M). Rarely, reconstructive labioplasty may be performed after its obstetrical injury or very rarely after the fatty growth with its own fat.
The frequently used technical procedures are V-shaped excision, curvilinear or linear excision with upper flap rotation, Z-plasticization, dezepitalization or other less used techniques.

labiaplasty surgery

In the case of linear excision, a segment of the hypertrophied labia is replaced by a vertical incision, after which the edges of the excision are sutured with great care giving a symmetrical, linear aspect. The advantage of this technique is that it is possible to excise a large surface of the small labyrinth, leaving only the pink side visible, and most of the dark areas are removed. On the other hand, if a larger surface is excited than the tension applied, it leads to pain, distortion and ulcerated scars with increased discomfort.
In the V-shaped excision of the V-shaped excision, a segment in the form of a panic or ic with the medial tip and the suturing of the two upper and lower portions is excited from the central portion. The advantage of this technique is that it gives a more natural look and the absence of discomfort and pain through linear technique. The truth is that the best technique depends on anatomical individuality and is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, because sometimes, in order to obtain a very good result, the techniques need to be combined.

  • Rates

    Procedure Rates
    Labiaplasty 2000-5000 Euro
    Vaginoplasty 3500-6500 Euro
    Labiaplasty si Vaginoplasty 6500-9000 Euro
    Himenoplasty 2000-3000 Euro
    Clitoral unhooding 1800 Euro

  • Labiaplasty minora

    These external genital structures are joined by the vaginal opening being medically placed by the large labia, structures that surround and protect the vaginal and urethral holes.
    Many women do not like the protrusion of small labia especially when hanging or asymmetrical in different sizes and shapes, thick, hyperpigmented in dark brown or simply large.
    These changes can cause severe shyness to the sexual partner. Also, small labia hypertrophy can cause constant irritation when wearing tight pants.
    Surgical reduction improves aesthetic and functional appearance. Some women may be born with hypertrophied small labia and the other may develop this abnormality after birth.

    Reduction – labiaplasty – Large labia are broad cuts covered with pubic hair and made of adipose tissue. In some cases, they become hypertrophic due to births or as a result of weight gain. Appearance can be improved by liposuction or in severe cases by surgical excision.
  • Postoperative recovery

    The procedure for labyoplasty is usually done with daytime hospitalization in local anesthesia. In Dr.Costache Chertif’s experience, after surgery, the patient can easily complain about discomfort due to postoperative swelling that usually disappears after 1-2 weeks. Labinal incisions heal without complications and are rarely perceptible.
  • Risks

    As with any intervention, there are risks. The most common are bleeding, infection and scarring. Specific complications may occur when several procedures are associated with a single intervention such as vaginoplasty labyrinth. About these complications you will discuss with your surgeon during the prior consultation.
  • Recovery

    After the surgical procedure you will be led to the postoperative surgery salon where the nurse will monitor the vital functions for 1-2 hours, then you will be led to your salon until the next morning when the surgeon will change the dressings and give you all the indications and contraindications both verbally and in writing after which you can be discharged.
    During the healing period, you can contact the surgeon for any new issue arising in postoperative evolution.
    During the healing period, you can contact the surgeon for any new issue arising in postoperative evolution.
    It is advisable not to use any vaginal pads or sexual intercourse for 6 weeks. The complete vendecation process is 3 months after the intervention.