Constant pain and discomfort are the most common signs.

“I want to do this as soon as possible, I do not want to wait any longer, as most women do,” the 33-year-old MF told me on the phone in a first discussion.

The condition presented by MF is not a new one, being common to most women who wait many years after repeated births, to resolve their personal problem not being determined for these procedures, but pain and discomfort make them decide.

MF patient many months ago searched the Internet for his condition and said, “I found the Cosmedica clinic and discussed with Dr.Costache Chertif, a plastic surgeon with experience in aesthetic surgery of external genitals who presented all the details related to the intervention after I sent him pictures on the email he had discussed with me and then I said he was the plastic surgeon for my situation “

The intervention was performed at the Cosmedica clinic, the result is very good, the whole procedure lasted for 1 hour and a half and the healing process was no complication.
Dr. Costache Chertif is an excellent surgeon, everything in the clinic is great, the only regret is that we did not make this decision much faster “It was all worth the money.”
I strongly recommend Dr Coste Chertif and her team at the Cosmedica clinic for all women who require these procedures.


Restoring marital happiness.

“I feel a new woman, my trust has risen sharply,” says a 32-year-old CD who had vaginal rejuvenation carried out at Cosmedica clinic by Dr. Costache Chertif. After having three natural births, she felt that the vaginal muscles had lost their tone.
” My husband never complained but I realized he was perceiving a widening of the vagina he had not perceived in the past, he told me he found he did not feel the contact between the penis and the vagina as it once was’ ‘.
” I was not sure it was my fault, so I decided to wonder what would be the way to solve this problem. ” “Certainly by studying the Internet I found the Cosmedica clinic where I had a relationship with Dr. C. Chertif, a plastic surgeon with experience in this kind of surgery, and after several discussions, I was sure I found the re-solving of my intimate problems.” ‘

The CD had never used the plastic surgery service and never even made a makeup.
After the Internet discussions it was decided that the only solution is surgery.

” My husband told me I was crazy, and did not know why this problem is so important to me? “Of course I was a little scared of surgery – who would not have been?” – but after talking to Dr. Costache Chertif I gained the necessary confidence and the intervention was done.
Everything was fast and easy. For a few days I felt a discomfort in the genital area but after 10 days I was able to resume my professional activity – history teacher.
5 weeks after the intervention I made love with my husband and I have to admit it was a little restraint at first but then I can say that everything is very good and we are both happy.
This operation has given me confidence and we are very pleased with the result.
Now I feel my master and I can advise all women who have these problems not to longly wait and do this.